Day by Day

Day by day there are always things that could bother us and so we can not give the 100% that is needed. The following tips will help you feel good and always give a professional and elegant image.

 • Eliminate bad odors

Have your clothes been stored for a long time and smell bad? Neutralize that annoying smell by spraying a little vodka dissolved in three parts of water.

This trick will immediately eliminate those unpleasant odors and now you just have to put the scent of your perfume.

 • Bad odor of shoes

Some shoes, especially closed shoes, create an ideal environment for bacteria that cause bad odor on the feet.

Just sprinkle a good amount of baking soda to absorb the bad odor.

 • Reinforce a button

If you notice that the buttons on your shirts are about to fall and you do not have a needle and thread, use a little clear nail varnish to keep it in place.

 • Repair a stuck zipper

Did the zippers on your jacket or pants get stuck? Do not worry, a little vaseline applied on both sides of the slider can make it easier to move.