Tips for spots

We all have battled with those annoying spots and more when it comes to a uniform that is used every day and is of rough use. How much would we like the spots to disappear just by touching the uniform? Here are some tips to remove those annoying spots.

 • Remove makeup stains

The edges of the blouses are the parts of the clothes that suffer most from the application of cosmetics such as makeup.

What should you do?

To eliminate this type of products and avoid ruining the garment, apply a little shaving cream and rub it before washing it normally.
If it is lipstick you just have to rub a little Vaseline, chalk or white toothpaste. Let it act for a few minutes and rinse. If the stain is from another cosmetic, such as rouge, soak it in a mixture of water and lemon for an hour and then wash it with your usual detergent.

 •Remove grease stains

Grease is one of the substances that can easily ruin a garment because, once it is impregnated, it is difficult to eliminate it.

If this happens to you, rub a little soap dish or a solution of salt and lemon. Let it sit for an hour and rinse.

 • Remove sweat stains

Those sweat stains on your clothes can give you a dirty and unpleasant appearance. Luckily it can be clarified with products as cheap as baking soda and lemon.

Prepare a mixture of both ingredients until you get a paste, and then rub it over the garment using a brush.

Another option is to prepare a paste with crushed aspirin and hydrogen peroxide, and apply it in the same way as the previous one.

 • Coffee stains

Due to its dark tonality it is very easy to penetrate the fabrics of the fabric and leave a stain hard to eliminate.

What should you do?

Make a mixture of equal parts of alcohol, vinegar and water, and apply it on the affected area before rinsing it normally.

If the clothes are white or wool, you can choose to rub a bit of egg yolk, which is also effective.

 • Manchas de chocolate

It is very common for children to spread their clothes of delicious chocolate. Because of that dark color that it leaves, it seems to be quite a challenge to remove them in their entirety; However, there is no need to worry, it is not that complicated.

What should you do?

If you can act immediately, apply a little carbonated water to the affected area and rinse with detergent.

But if it has already dried, place it to soak in hot water with ordinary soap.

Si no tienes, por cualquier circunstancia, alguna de las sustancias que se mencionaron siempre puedes usar los confiables:

1. Alcohol (el cual es buenísimo para el maquillaje)

2.Pinol (también para maquillaje y quitar manchas de grasa)


Moja una telita con cualquiera de estas sustancias y frota sobre la prenda hasta que se vaya quitando. También puedes ir alternando las tres si es que una sola no te funciono. Recuerda, siempre cuidando que el color de la prenda no se vaya despintando.