The ideal shoes for work

Although we do not want, our feet are all our support so it is important to choose the ideal shoe that will take us throughout the day. As office girls we are always walking, doing doings and we need shoes that support us, feel comfortable and all this without losing the glamor.

The shoes that we chose are the ones that we believe will always help you to finish your day happy and satisfied.

Always remember to take care of your feet first and then your shoes. If your feet hurt, it’s a sign that those shoes do not suit you. If you require it, always enlarge your shoes before using them, you can do it while you are at home with thick socks. And always from time to time while you’re at the office giving them a little massage.

The following shoes are those that, after an investigation, we believe are the best to be all day at work:

• Flats
These flats will allow you to take a break after having your feet tired of high heels. Moreover, they fit perfectly in any bag.

• Mary Jane High Heels
This type of heel is thicker giving you more support to your foot.

• Wedges
The wedges will give you height and you will not feel all your weight on your foot.

• Moccasins
They may not be heels but they are comfortable and perfect for an office environment.